Carpets & Floor Coverings

Here at Sampling International we are renowned for our innovation, customer care and total product quality in the production of our commercial and architectural flooring folders.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our commercial, retail and totally bespoke folders and presentations created with care from environmentally friendly components.

Our design team are receiving an ever increasing number of requests to produce ‘greener’ products and hence reduce Sampling International’s carbon footprint.

This is an area we are currently committed to enhancing, and we are involved in working alongside our customers to further improve our environmental standing and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our portfolio of blue chip and multi-national customers is ever increasing as we bring more and more innovation, and unique design ideas to the table.

Sampling International’s ability to produce your product ‘in house’ from the design stage to the finished product makes us truly your ‘one stop shop’.


Sampling International is the UK’s leading producer of contact and commercial presentations and we fully appreciate your need to “stand out” on the shelf as the specifier trawls their extensive library, you want the product chosen to be yours and our innovative ideas within this area will help your product stand out on the shelf from your competitors.

We create presentations in all types of floor coverings for the commercial specifiers market including:

  • carpet and carpet tiles in all backings and styles
  • domestic vinyl in roll and tile
  • luxury vinyl tiles
  • planks and rolls
  • wood
  • laminate
  • leather
  • cork
  • ceramics

All of these products can be presented flat mounted to card or incorporated in vac formed trays or die cut cardboard masks to enhance their appearance.

We have developed adhesives which can adhere any type of backing to any substrate including board, paper, PVC, polyprop, wood and MDF.

We also produce many individual bespoke contract and retail products with personalised presentation cases carrying many samples in varying weights and designs.

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