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Siobhan Hannah Murphy a Colourful Journey in Crafting Wallpaper and Fabric Collections

Siobhan Murphy is a British interior and product designer known for her vibrant, playful, and joyful style. With a penchant for transforming spaces from mundane to magnificent, Siobhan’s creative eye for design, pattern, and colour has made her a prominent figure in the world of interiors. Let’s take a closer look at her recent collaboration […]

45 years in the sampling industry

In a candid interview, Stephen Hubbard MD spoke to us about his 45 years in sampling. SG: Hello Stephen. Let’s start at the very beginning. Why did you start your own company? SH: In April 1978 I was working for a competitor and it wasn’t going too well so I saw it as an opportunity […]

Wow! What a season by Finlay Sykes

Finlay Sykes – Season 2022 “The aim of the game”…Following a marked out track….  Get from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain in the fastest possible time!!……Easy right…..!  Wow what a season!!!  Where do I start…..?  THANK YOU seems an appropriate way I guess!!  After all without your help (and […]

Fulfilment – taking the hassle out of processing your consumer samples

With online sales booming and the continued growth of e-commerce, it’s ever more important to get your cutting samples to the consumer as quickly as possible. From our perspective, we cannot believe how much growth we’ve seen in this area of the business. E-commerce is booming! Customers want to see samples – and they want […]

Exciting times at Sampling International

Senior Management Team

Exciting times here at Sampling International where along with introducing our revitalised website we can’t wait to help you with your greener sampling requirements – our strategy for the coming years is focussing on driving innovation, sustainability, becoming more green, producing sampling products that help our customers achieve their green goals too which gives us […]