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Fulfilment – taking the hassle out of processing your consumer samples

With online sales booming and the continued growth of e-commerce, it’s ever more important to get your cutting samples to the consumer as quickly as possible.

From our perspective, we cannot believe how much growth we’ve seen in this area of the business. E-commerce is booming! Customers want to see samples – and they want to see them now, often without leaving the comfort of their own home. Last month alone we processed over 6,200 consumer requests, sending out nearly 25,000 cuttings, an average of 4 cuttings per customer.

With a whole department and staff dedicated to processing the orders, the way it works is simple. Once we’ve received your stock, we cut and label the items and put them into our designated storage area, along with your packaging. Consumer orders are printed off daily and batched by customer. Our team will work through the orders chronologically, from picking to scanning, packing to despatching. Even with an average of over 700 requests per working day, your customer’s order is despatched within 24 hours.

Keeping track of stock levels is critical and our automated system will notify your team when stock levels dip below a certain number. We’ll then send you a request for more material. Alternatively, you can take control of your own stock levels, as each cutting is scanned before despatch so you know exactly what’s being sent out. Either way, we’ll email you weekly stock levels so you have total visibility of what we’re holding for you.

We can also help you with the packaging or you can supply your own. Same with labels. We use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible; all FSC approved, helping keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

From your customers’ point of view, you can rest assured that their personal details are not kept or shared with any other company, giving them the highest level of data protection.

Apart from the convenience for you, most companies we work with just don’t have the facilities, space or time to handle on-going sample requests themselves. So let us take control of your consumer cuttings and help you focus on getting those all-important sales.

Your samples stored in their own designated storage area

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