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Siobhan Hannah Murphy a Colourful Journey in Crafting Wallpaper and Fabric Collections

Siobhan Murphy is a British interior and product designer known for her vibrant, playful, and joyful style. With a penchant for transforming spaces from mundane to magnificent, Siobhan’s creative eye for design, pattern, and colour has made her a prominent figure in the world of interiors. Let’s take a closer look at her recent collaboration with Sampling International and her debut in the world of wallpaper and fabric design.

A Maximalist's Dream Come True

Siobhan Hannah Murphy Wallpaper and Fabric Collections

Siobhan’s first wallpaper and fabric collection is a burst of maximalist designs. Featuring ten unique patterns, from lively stripes to intricate banana leaves, colourful birds, and elegant bamboo trellises, each design is a work of art meticulously hand-painted and crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

“I believe my wallpapers are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to inject a touch of colour and glamour into their home, with each design bringing a sense of playfulness and fun to any space,” says Siobhan.

Crafting the Perfect Wallpaper Sample Books and Fabric Swatches

Crafting the wallpaper sample books and fabric swatches was a journey of artistic exploration. Siobhan and the Sampling International team embarked on this adventure with a palette of vibrant colours, each chosen to tell a unique story and create a harmonious symphony of colours.

The process of designing the pages was meticulous. Each page had to flow seamlessly, like turning the pages of a captivating novel. Every pattern and texture was carefully curated with an eye for balance and contrast, offering clients a visual adventure with every flip.

Siobhan Visits Sampling International Factory

Even the choice of cord binding for the book handles was made with the utmost care. This seemingly small detail had to complement the design, adding that final touch of elegance.

Siobhan’s visit to the factory to witness the wallpaper sample books come to life was a fabulous experience. Watching her creations crafted by skilled hands with attention to every detail was incredibly rewarding. It was like watching a story unfold, from initial sketches to a tangible product. The dedication and craftsmanship of the team were awe-inspiring

The Icing on the Wallpaper Cake

When asked about the icing on the cake during the design process, Siobhan shared,

“Amidst all this, there were those magical moments when we’d stumble upon a colour combination or a texture that simply clicked. It was as if the universe was conspiring to make our designs come alive. Those ‘Eureka!’ moments were like bursts of confetti in the creative process, reminding us why we love what we do.”

A Message in a Swatch Bottle

If Siobhan could send a message in a swatch bottle to a fellow designer creating their own sample book, her pearl of wisdom would be, 

“Embrace the quirks in your creative journey! Sometimes imperfections make the most beautiful designs. Keep experimenting and let your artistic spirit shine through!”

The Speedy Teamwork and Eureka Moments

Working against the clock with the Sampling International dream team was a thrilling experience. Siobhan mentioned, “In the end, crafting these wallpaper books and fabric swatches with Sampling International was a labour of love. Every detail, every colour choice, and every creative decision were made with passion and purpose. It’s a journey I wouldn’t trade for anything, and I can’t wait to see where our next adventure in design takes us!”

Her excitement seeing The Fabric Book

Siobhan Murphy’s debut wallpaper and fabric collection is a testament to her boundless creativity and passion for bringing joy and colour into interior spaces. Her collaboration with Sampling International has resulted in a collection that is both visually stunning and full of character, just like Siobhan herself. We look forward to seeing more of her vibrant creations in the world of design.