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Wow! What a season by Finlay Sykes

Finlay Sykes – Season 2022
“The aim of the game”…Following a marked out track….  Get from the top of the mountain to the
bottom of the mountain in the fastest possible time!!……Easy right…..!

 Wow what a season!!!

 Where do I start…..?  THANK YOU seems an appropriate way I guess!!  After all without your help (and of course Dad)

I honestly don’t think this year would have been achievable.

Back in March of this year after several discussions with my manager (DAD)!!   I decided to make the transition from entry level Enduro mountain bike racing into the British Downhill Series.    This was a huge leap and after the first event a very rude awakening of what I had ahead! Not only how brutal and unforgiving the tracks are but also the exceptional level of riding!  I was going to need to think different, train different and propel my riding onto the next level.    Even then I had no idea if I would have a glimmer of hope of competing with the UK’s fastest riders in my age group.

Thanks to the help and support of your companies and individuals I have made great progress!  Not only have I raced the British nationals and also the regional championships, I was invited to race in the Portugal national cup.  This was an amazing experience and the added bonus “I won it” A very proud moment for me and my family.

I have made steady progress climbing thru the British ranking, at the start of the season I was placing in the bottom half of the group (approx 50 riders) and the last two races of the season have seen me knocking on the door of the top 10!  Placing 12th in the penultimate race and on the final race of the year 11th.    In the regional races I am now a top 5 contender working my way from mid pack results in a group of 40 riders and in the last 2 races finishing in 5th position and 4th position.   There is literally a second or two between 1st and 10th in most races.

So what next?   A closed season of training and building strength in the gym, working on my cardio and a lot of bike time.  Homing in on my skills and improving in every possible way!  This first year of racing  has made me realise I have to be in peak condition to race at this high level and the only possible way to do this is to train hard and become mentally and physically stronger on the bike.  As my Dad says “work in progress”

This next year I am moving into the juniors and if things go to plan with hard work and a bit of luck the podium results will start to come thru, I may get the opportunity to race in some of the Junior World Cup races!   This of course is another level up competing against the best in the world.  Watch this space….!

A BIG thank you to every single one of you that believed in me and has helped and supported me on this journey thru my first year,  in whatever capacity that may have been, I am very grateful.  It really has lightened the load and eased the pressure in some areas, so THANK YOU!! Oh and thanks to you DAD, without you none of it would be possible.

As I buckle down and prepare for the 2023 season if there is any further help from your companies or individuals in any shape or form at all it would be greatly appreciated.  I also fully understand if not.   I can assure you when the season starts I will be 100% ready to race and committed to build on this momentum I am creating.    At every opportunity I will tag you in thru my social media platforms which are also growing as my results gets better and my network is expanding.

Thank you: Cykle House, Earnshaws, Sampling International, Tongduro,
Senior Engineering, BCP Maintenance, Craig Norman,  
Grandad & Nanna Sykes
Instagram finlay.sykes7 email [email protected]: Mobile 07736833348 (dads number)